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Australian Actor/Filmmaker Alicia Pavlis on Mental Health Awareness

Alicia Pavlis is a Melbourne born artist, actor and filmmaker who grew up in the Northern Territory, Australia. Her childhood was comprised of camping trips and exploring hidden waterfalls, near misses with crocodiles, and learning about the majesty of indigenous culture. Her youth could easily be described as wild and adventurous. But given her family’s … More

Ken Forbes aka ArtBoy: Upcoming solo exhibition and music album

NY Elite: Tell us a little about yourself and your career beginnings. Ken Forbes: My beginnings as an artist were a bit different than most. My background was actually starting off in hospitality management. I was a front of house manager for a restaurant, and assistant chef, and I was eventually a financial advisor on … More

National Ballet of Kosovo received the Excellence Award in Arts in Capitol Hill

The National Ballet of Kosovo received the noteworthy artistic achievement in the field of arts by the United States Congress on May 28, 2021. At the request of the honorable United States Senator Charles Schumer, the American flag was flown over the Congressional building in Washington DC, to commemorate the United Nations World Day for … More